• Capt. Sergio Atanes

Fall Fishing with Artificial Baits

Fall is one of the times to fish with artificial baits and choosing the right one is not easy what color, type, soft or hard body lures. My go to bait that always works for me is FISHBITES 3.5" Butt Kicker Paddle Tail or 5" Brawler Jerkbait. Which is the best color? The color that works best for you in my case FISHBITES makes all colors the ones I have found best during the fall are the Busted Lip and Roach. This week we tore up the trout and redfish while filming one of our FWCFR shows with over 8 trout and 27 redfish. Try fishing the edges of drip offs along the flats or mangrove islands with winter tides just around the corner (negative tides) its the best time to fish from shore or a boat.

Good fishing and tight lines.

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